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No doubt Kerala is one of the best places for travellers. Its amazing beauty mesmerized people. But do you know Kerala is an ideal place for Trekking/Hiking lovers? There are various places in Kerala which are very adventurous, we can say Kerala is a Trekker’s/Hiker’s paradise. Let’s see the places which are ideal for trekking/hiking…really feel amazing when you trek these places…….here are some description of these places :


Meesapulimala is a famous mountain peak located about 25 km from Munnar in Kerala(India). It is known for its beauty and is a popular trekking/hiking destination. Standing at an altitude of 8,661 feet, Meesapulimala is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats after Anamudi Peak. The trek to Meesapulimala takes you through eight hills, crossing the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The journey from the base camp to the enchanting Rhodo Valley is a memorable one, as you hop aboard a sturdy jeep and traverse a 4 km stretch that will bring you closer to nature’s wonders. Along the way, keep an eye out for the legendary Pandava cave, a fascinating spot steeped in mythical tales and ancient history.

As the day draws to a close, you will find yourself surrounded by clouds, staying at the ethereal Rhodo Mansion. The next day begins with an invigorating climb to the peak, amidst a breathtaking canopy of rhododendron trees. As you ascend higher, you will feel a sense of awe and accomplishment. Be sure to capture the panoramic views of the mist-covered valleys below, as they create a perfect backdrop for cherished memories and stunning photographs.

It’s important to note that the Meesappulimala trek is considered to be on the more challenging side, requiring a certain level of physical fitness and preparation. However, the rewards are truly worth it, as you find yourself at the summit, surrounded by nature’s magnificence and a sense of triumph.

The package for this unforgettable adventure includes the valuable services of an experienced guide, ensuring your safety and providing insights into the unique flora and fauna of the region. In addition, you will be treated to delicious meals.

The Cost of the package

Rs. 6000/- for two persons (Stay in Rhodo Mansion)
Rs. 4000/- for two persons (Stay in Base Camp)
Rs. 9000/- for three persons (Stay in Sky Cottage)

Base Camp

Stay over in the tents and enjoy the chillness of Munnar in the Base Camp. Situated at an altitude of about 6000 feet, Kerala Forest Development Corporation offers over programmes.  Enjoy the night in the outdoors by sitting around the campfire and savouring a delicious supper. 

Image Credit: KFDC

Next morning you can go for an adventurous trek up to Meesapulimala or Rhodo Valley. A maximum of 40 persons are allowed for a single-night tent stay at Base Camp. The package includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. A campfire is also included. 

Check-in: By Noon (02.00 PM) and Check out after 23 hours 

Cost of the package

Rs.4000/- for two persons 

Sky Cottage

Sky Cottage, exclusively for honeymooners, is another stay-over programme organized at Munnar by KFDC. This lonely cottage on a cliff facing a waterfall also offers amazing views of Anamudi peaks. If it is a clear sky, the transparent ceiling of the cottage gives you a view of the starry sky. Next morning you can go for an adventurous trek up to Meesapulimala. Three people can avail of this programme. 

Image Credit : KFDC

The package includes trekking, guide service, and food. 

Cost of the package

Rs. 9000/- for three persons

Rhodo Mansion

The best choice for those who wish to explore the altitudinal starry night is the Rhoda Mansion. Night stay offered at Rhodo Valley has elephant trench protection. A campfire

is there and food is also included. The group can climb the ‘Meesapulimala’ peak in next day.

Image Credit : KFDC

Cost of the package

Rs.6000/- for two persons

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi which is the topmost point in Kerala is located in the Idukki quarter on the border of Devikulam taluk and Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam quarter. The peak with an elevation of 2,695 measures is hailed as the topmost peak in Kerala and South India. Anamudi stands tall in Eravikulam National Park. Loaded with large leafage and fauna, Anamudi Peak has been an enormous niche to a wide surviving population of Asian monsters, Nilgiri Langurs, Lion-tagged macaques, Gaurs and multitudinous further.

The Anamudi peak is amended with short Arundinaria densifolia, Anaphalis, Impatiens, Gaultheria and other species of Eriocaulon. Anamudi is the prominent touring passage spot in Munnar. It’s the loftiest peak outside the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in India.

The ideal trekking/hiking season for Anamudi is from November to February when the downfall is fairly cooler and dry. still, it’s important to do your disquisition, If you’re planning a trip to Anamudi. This includes probing the available trails, getting familiar with the downfall conditions, and figuring out which permits you’ll need. Permits For traveling you have to communicate with the Kerala Forest Department.

Physical Fitness ensures that you are physically fit for the trip because it’s a near about 2 hours of journey and Anamudi’s trails can be challenging due to steep ascents and descents. Essential Gear and Supplies Pack essential travelling gear, including a comfortable vesture, sturdy hiking thrills, a pack, rain gear( if visiting during the rainstorm season), and a first-aid attack. Carry enough water, snacks, and reflections for the trip, as there may not be easily accessible food and water sources along the trail. Start Beforehand Begin your trip beforehand in the day to maximize your time and avoid travelling during the hottest part of the day. The following videotape makes your trip more comfortable.

Silent Vally National Park

Silent Vally National Park With a total area of 237.5 sq km and a core area of 89.54 sq km, the Silent Valley National Park located in the Palakkad quarter of Kerala is unique in numerous ways. Mukkali, the entry point for Silent Valley National Park is on the Mannarkkad- Attappady route and is about 20 km from Mannarkad.

The Silent Valley is a veritable treasure house and a gene pool of tropical foliage and fauna. The fauna then comprises the utmost of the peninsular mammals. They’re Lion the tailed Macaque, Nilgiri langur, Bonnet Macaque, barracuda, leopard( catamount), Leopard cat, Fishing cat, common win civet, Small Indian civet, Ruddy mongoose, Stripe- necked mongoose, wild canine, idleness bear, Otter, Small Travancore Flying Squirrel, Malabar Giant Squirrel,

Indian Pangolin( scaled anteater), Porcupine, wild boar, sambar, Hairy soared club, spotted deer, barking deer, mouse deer, gaur and giant. There are nine species of batons, rats and mice. We included this videotape after watching a lot. This is really a nice attestation of Silent Vally. It’s really a mountaineer’s paradise.

Let’s take some steps to the valley.

Now let’s see a snap of the wildlife in the valley

So Trekkers get ready for the thrilling journey of the Silent Valley National Park. You are most welcome.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak

There is other places for an exciting trekking adventure, i.e. Agasthyarkoodam in Kerala, which is a destination you cannot miss. It’s one of the tallest peaks near Thiruvananthapuram, and it’s famous for its diverse fauna and flora, with over 2000 species. The trek starts at the Bonacaud forest, which is located 50 km away from Thiruvananthapuram and ends at the peak of Agasthyarkoodam, which stands at a height of 6129 feet. To get trekking passes, you can visit the Kerala Forest Department office in Trivandrum..

Agasthyakoodam is also around for bird watchers. It is among the highest peaks in the region and has become a popular destination for enthusiasts seeking to catch a glimpse of exotic avian species. The peak is visible from Neyyar Dam and Bonacaud. Besides being a bird watcher’s paradise, Agasthyakoodam is also known for its remarkable flora and fauna, boasting rare medicinal herbs that have been discovered here. The area has recorded over 2000 species, including lichens, orchids, mosses, and ferns, making it a truly fascinating place to explore.

To begin the official trek, head to Bonacaud village, which is about 60km away from Thiruvananthapuram city (Trivandrum). This is also the closest place where you can find hotel and night-stay options. You can either drive from Trivandrum or take the bus, but taking the bus is the more feasible option given the condition of the roads. It typically takes about 2 hours to reach the village from the city. However, since only a limited number of tickets are issued for the trek each day, it’s advisable to arrive by 7 in the morning. To achieve this, take the first bus out of Trivandrum or leave no later than 5 am if you plan on driving.

Now let’s a real experience of trekking…..and think whether you will come to the place or not……

Contact Details: 
Wildlife Warden
Forest Department
PTP Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram
Ph: +91 471 2362291

Thusharagiri Waterfalls (Near Kalpetta)

Thusharagiri Falls situated in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, India, is a beautiful waterfall that is only 6 km from Kodencheri, 32 km from Kalpetta, and 48 km from Kozhikode. Two streams originating from the Western Ghats meet here to form the Chalippuzha River, which diverges into three waterfalls creating a snowy spray. The highest of the three falls is the Thenpara Fall, which drops from a height of 75 meters. The first waterfall is easily accessible, while the remaining two falls require trekking through thick forest. A 5 km upstream trek will take you to the origin of the stream.

Thusharagiri is a well-known destination for trekking and rock climbing due to its challenging opportunities. Many refer to this place as the “trekker’s paradise.” The stunning waterfalls, surrounded by lush evergreen forests and calming streams, add to the natural beauty of the area. The trek path from Thusharagiri to Vythiri in Wayanad is not for the faint of heart, but those who take on the challenge are rewarded with awe-inspiring views. Typically, the trek starts at Thusharagiri Falls in the morning and finishes at Vythiri by evening.

Thusharagiri Falls trekking is a popular activity among nature lovers and adventure seekers. The trek to the falls takes about 2-3 hours, and the trail passes through dense forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

The trek starts at the Thusharagiri Eco-Tourism Center, where you can purchase tickets and hire a guide if needed. The trail is well-maintained, but there are some steep sections, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

The first waterfall, Erattumukku, is located about 1 km from the starting point. It is a small waterfall, but it is still worth a visit. The second waterfall, Mazhavil Chattam, is located about 2 km from the starting point. It is a larger waterfall, and there is a pool at the bottom where you can swim.

The third waterfall, Thumbithullum Para, is the largest and most impressive waterfall in Thusharagiri. It is located about 3 km from the starting point. The trail to Thumbithullum Para is more challenging, but the views from the top are worth it.

Once you reach the top of Thumbithullum Para, you can enjoy the stunning views of the cascade and the girding hills. You can also swim in the pool at the bottom of the cascade. Thusharagiri Falls touring is a great way to witness the natural beauty of Kerala. With its stunning decor and grueling terrain, it’s an adventure that you’ll noway forget. The falls can be reached from Kodencheri Vill by private transportation. Kodencheri is connected by frequent machine service from Kozhikode. Lodging and food installation aren’t available to a great extent in the area of the cascade so one needs to carry food & water.

Dhoni Water Falls

Dhoni Water Falls Still, Dhoni Hills in Palakkad is the ideal place for you If you are a beginner wayfarer looking to learn and enjoy an awful trekking experience. It’s a popular spot for timber touring in Kerala, and a 3-hour trip also will take you to some shifting scenery, including Dhoni Falls. After travelling for around 4 km, you will reach the waterfall, where you can immerse yourself in the charming sight of water bouncing and flowing over jewels and pebbles. There’s a minimum charge of 100 INR per person for touring Dhoni Falls and there are three journeys in a day with a companion from 930 AM, 1100 AM, and 200 PM Refresh your mind on the touring trail and refreshen up near the sluice in falls as entry to falls isn’t allowed.

This area is an awful fun and games spot as well. Embrace nature and feel refreshed, while having snacks with your group when on Dhoni hills at an altitude of about 1200m. How to come to Dhoni To reach Dhoni cascade, there are numerous options available. 1. Palakkad Railway Station, positioned 7.2 km down, 2. Coimbatore International Airport, located 80 km down, are a good choice. also, Calicut International Airport, which is about 100 km from the cascade, is another option to consider. The Olavakkode Dhoni Road is the route to take from Palakkad Railway Station, and it’s around 7.2 km in length. the adventure called Trekking, but before going on to journey in Kerala you must prepare yourself for the adventure. They are the touring rudiments you should carry

How to come to Dhoni:

To reach Dhoni waterfall, there are many options available. 1. Palakkad Railway Station, situated 7.2 km away, 2. Coimbatore International Airport, located 80 km away, are a good choice. Additionally, Calicut International Airport, which is about 100 km from the waterfall, is another option to consider. The Olavakkode Dhoni Road is the route to take from Palakkad Railway Station, and it’s around 7.2 km in length.

So…..get…..set….go……for the adventure called Trekking/Hiking…….but before going to trek/hike in Kerala you must prepare yourself for the adventure…..You need to ready certain things which we mentioned below :

Equipment: Trekking requires appropriate gear, including comfortable and sturdy hiking boots, layered clothing to adapt to changing weather conditions, a backpack to carry essentials, a tent for camping if needed, sleeping bags, food, water, and other survival equipment.

Fitness: Trekking can be physically demanding, especially when hiking at high altitudes or over rough terrain. It’s essential to be in good physical shape and to gradually build up your endurance before embarking on challenging treks.

Navigation: Trekking routes are often not well-marked, so navigation skills are crucial. Maps, GPS devices, and compasses can help trekkers stay on course.

Safety: Safety should always be a priority. It’s essential to inform someone of your trekking plans, carry a first-aid kit, be aware of potential dangers like wildlife or extreme weather, and know how to respond to emergencies.

Leave No Trace: Trekkers should practice “Leave No Trace” principles, which means minimizing their impact on the environment by taking out all trash, respecting local cultures and customs, and avoiding damage to natural features.

Hope you understand. But Trekking in Kerala needs some special preparation. Here are the trekking essentials you should carry for trekking to any of the best trekking spots in Kerala.

  • Before trekking ensure that you are medically fit. Those who are affected with high BP, heart diseases and other diseases should not go trekking.
  • A Good Quality Trekking Shoes which can cover your ankles.
  • Map of the Trekking Route (Hardcopy)
  • Mobile Phone and Power Bank. (Two mobiles will be better)
  • Dry Foods.
  • A Compass
  • At least one Flashlight
  • Waterproof Clothing(At least two)
  • Waterproof dry Covering for the bags and cameras
  • Drinking Water in Light Bottles
  • Sleeping bags, tent, trekking rope with at least 60-meter length, raincoat.
  • Carry a torch, cigarette lighter, small knives, blanket, water bottle, cap, candles, and torch batteries in extra.
  • Full-sleeve shirts, which can cover the neck and cargo pants, is preferable.
  • 2 or 3 Socks of good quality
  • Liquor and cigarettes are strictly prohibited.
  • You must carry painkillers, a first aid kit and necessary medicines.

Beware of leeches. Before the journey apply the mixture of tobacco leaves and mustard oil over the legs and shoes. Keep tobacco and salt with you.

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