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National Flag of Norway

Geography & Little Bit of History of Norway

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Norway is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Sweden to the east, Finland to the northeast, and Russia to the far northeast. To the west, Norway is girdled by the North Sea, and to the north, it’s framed by the Norwegian Sea. The country’s bank is incredibly long and depressed with multitudinous arms, making it one of Norway’s most distinctive geographical features. The video shows the geographical and historical conditions of Norway.

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The current population of Norway in 2023 is 5,474,360.

Why Norway is called The Country of Midnight Sun?

During the summer months, a natural phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun occurs north of the Arctic Circle at 66º33′N. Beyond this latitude, the sun never completely sets below the horizon. This happens because the Earth rotates on a tilted axis with respect to the sun, which causes the North Pole to be angled towards the sun during summer. This also means that the further north you go, the higher the sun is in the sky during the night.

Norway, with a significant portion of its territory located above the Arctic Circle, some portion of this country’s northernmost region experiences sunlight 24/7 during summer, so it is well known as the Land of the Midnight Sun making it an ideal destination for those who want to witness this unique natural phenomenon, you can Enjoy the days from mid-April to July.

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Let’s Take a Tour of the most Beautiful place called Norway, from this video, You will understand why Norway Is called an Amazing place for Travellers.

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Travel Destinations

There are so many Travel destinations in Norway, We find some places that you must visit when you visit Norway. We Uploaded Amazing videos about these places so that you can see them before you go to Norway. There are Hundreds of Videos about Norway on YouTube, We choose the best of them so that you can save your time. This video describes which part of Norway you should visit….


Oslo is the Capital city of Norway, nestled between the Oslo Fjords and the green hills of Oslomarka and is a very nice place to visit. It was established by King Harald Hardråde. Oslo offers countless visiting attractions, from medieval architecture, and museums to modern-day Architecture. The city has a beautiful coastline thus you can see scenic beaches like Huk Beach, Paradisbukta Beach, and Ingierstrand Beach.

There are several places to visit in Oslo like Birkelunden, Sofienberg Park, Viking Ship Museum, The Fram Museum, The Vigeland Sculpture Park ,Holmenkollen Ski, Peace Museum  And so on. The city life of also very attractive. You can also participate in various activities like cycling, skiing, kayaking, hiking, sailing and ice skating and can enjoy your nights in Nightclubs.

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Outstanding scenery, a rich history and the friendly atmosphere of the locals are the vital features of this city. It is also featured as the only city in the world which have an international museum of children that exhibits paintings of children from over 150 countries.  So we can say warm people, Natural Fjord, Spectacular architecture, and Fantastic Museums make Oslo a Nice destination for Travel. Not only that, it has a Peace Museum from where every year the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by the Nobel Prize committee.

We collected the best videos from hundreds of videos loaded on YouTube to describe Its features & places to visit, which can save your time and money.

The First video shows how beautiful is Oslo.

Video Credit: Youtube Channel: Expedia.

The second video showcases the vibrant lifestyle and stunning parks in Oslo.

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 This Video will guide you, where to visit in Oslo.

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This Video is Amazing, it shows the Beauty of Nights In Oslo.

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The Last two Videos will Describe How is the Winter if you are in Oslo.

Video Credit: Youtube/Visit OSLO

Video Credit: Visit Oslo Region

Airports In Oslo : There are two main airports in solo

  1. Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL): is 47km from the main city and this is Oslo’s Main Airport
image source: wikipedia

2. Torp Sandefjord Airport (TRF), about 110km south of Oslo, is generally used by several low-cost airlines.

To stay and visit Oslo the following sites may help you a lot:, or For detailed information you can visit:

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