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Before discovering our planet’s beauty, we should discuss a significant problem called plastic pollution.

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Everybody knows about the good and the bad of `plastic. Plastic is a widely used material, but its disposal poses a significant problem. Unlike food or paper, plastic does not decompose and can remain intact for a very long period. This poses a considerable environmental risk, as plastic pollution can have long-lasting effects. To help you understand this issue better, we have included a visual representation of how long plastic can survive in nature. This will assist you in gauging the level of risk posed by plastic pollution.

Let’s take a moment to consider the vast oceans, the homes of many creatures. Unfortunately, plastic waste often finds its way into the oceans, causing harm to the animals. They mistake plastic for food and ingest it, which can make them ill. Not only that plastic though plastic is non-disposable it becomes permanent garbage and makes everywhere a dirty place.

Marine animals, such as turtles, dolphins, and seals, are in danger due to plastic pollution in the ocean. They can become entangled in plastic bags and other debris, or mistake plastic for food, which can cause internal blockages and often lead to death. Even larger pieces of plastic can cause damage to the digestive systems of marine animals, which can be fatal. Additionally, plastic pollution is a silent threat as it slowly breaks down into tiny fragments that can lead to malnutrition or starvation in fish and potentially cause plastic ingestion in humans. It’s important to note that In 2016, the European Food Safety Authority issued a warning about the heightened risk to human health and food safety posed by microplastic pollution in commercial fish.

So it is clear that we have to reduce the production of plastic material. It can be done by avoiding plastic goods or recycling the used product by throwing it in the proper place where it can be recycled.

As a community, we have the power to address the issue of plastic pollution and enhance the hygiene and security of our surroundings for all living beings. We must acknowledge our impact on the planet and adopt even minor measures to safeguard our habitats. This will benefit not only humans but also animals and plants. So be careful…..see the video…..

Video Credit : Youtube/Oceana

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